Kirti Gilbert

I work as a barista in a coffee roastery. I’ve got three kids, each with unique ways of engaging with the world, and a super fun husband of 20 years. I live in a quaint little village on top of a hill next to what used to be a windmill in the south of England. 


Born in India to white parents, I grew up thinking that I was Indian, only to discover that try as I might, I would never belong in that culture. It was only in my 30s as I sat in a hovel of a shop in the middle of Bangkok, that I suddenly, and most unexpectedly discovered my freedom from the desperate need for national identity. The Sikh guys next to me applauded, and the woman from Myanmar surrounded by portraits of psychedelic Hindu gods opened her arms, welcoming me as family. And suddenly, I was free to run without the need to try and fit in, but that’s another story.


I am Kirti and I look forward to connecting with you on my blog. I hope that as you read, courage would be multiplied to you, for you will see yourself as you truly are – a divine being placed here to achieve the apparent impossible.